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Samsung CLP-510 Colour Laser Printer Teardown

My old colour laser printer had been sitting around long enough, thankfully the printer still had a number of useful parts.

It took longer than I was expecting to dismantle the whole thing but it was an interesting process and I came away with a load of useful parts including some nice stepper motors complete with controller boards.

This service manual provides an incredible amount of detail on the operation of this printer, its fascinating if you're into that sort of thing!

How to Refill Samsung CLP-510 and Xerox Phaser 6100 Toner Cartridges

Refill your Samsung CLP-510 or Xerox Phaser 6100 cartridges today to save 75% compared to store-bought cartridges! Toner refilling is clean and easy!

How to replace the Samsung CLP-510 toner cartridges

Step by step video showing you how to replace the Samsung CLP-510 toner cartridges.




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