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Input your measurement value wirelessly to Excel with Wireless Adapter Z3210 HIOKI

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Get connected!
Wirelessly connect Hioki-compliant instruments with a simple connection.
Save cost! No need to install any ad ons or software. You can input your measurement data directly to Excel.
Increase your work efficiency, by eliminating human errors from mnual reporting. The measurement value will be tranfered directly to Excel once its on HOLD.

Sample Excel form are available
Check out our websites for more details:

Hioki Brand Video: Creating a Safe and Sustainable Society

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Measuring invisible properties safely and accurately.
For more than 80 years, Hioki has worked with customers around the world to realize a better society while pursuing proprietary measurement technologies.
In 2008, we developed the world’s first non-metal-contact voltage measurement technology, which we applied to the voltage sensors used by power instruments to realize safer, more efficient measurement.
We continue to advance measurement technology as we move toward the future of measurement.
The many innovations we have created help customers in a diverse array of settings.
Hioki will continue to contribute to the development of a safe and sustainable society in collaboration with customers worldwide by promoting safe, effective energy utilization through electrical measurement.

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Hioki Corporate Video

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