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How to Fix a Printer Belt (ซ่อมสายพานปริ้นเตอร์) for HP advantage K209a-z

DIY by Dr. Dol: How to Fix a Printer Belt (ซ่อมสายพานปริ้นเตอร์) for HP advantage K209a-z by Dr. Noppadol Sudprasert
eric m : gr8
Meechai : สายพานเส้นกี่บาทครับ
Gin Stones : can you help out if the error is cover open? i cleaned up the inside bec some lines are not appearing. after i put it back, it keeps having the cover open error
Menard Castañeda : Where to buy a new belt
Gin Stones :  @Dr. Noppadol Sudprasert  did that too :(
is there a proper way to lock the latch (located inside on the left) so that the printer can detect that the cover is already closed?

Test Gear Teardown: HP 209A Oscillator

The HP 209A Oscillator generates sine and square waves over a range of 4Hz to 2MHz. It's a later-generation oscillator and features a moulded plastic front panel and plug-together PCB construction. I've already removed the outer case parts before starting the video. The schematic in the manual is dated 1968, and the date stamp inside the instrument is June 4th 1973. It's all discrete transistors (no ICs) in a Wien Bridge configuration. Unlike other HP instruments, there's no long rod-operated mains switch; instead, the mains transformer is always on and the front-panel switch just turns off the DC supply.
russphilly : very good Sir, now I do not have to do the teardown to see the inner workings...I picked this unit up at a Hamfest for $9.00 and still in operating condition. I am trying to figure a way to add audio modulation to make it a AM low power transmitter on the 160 Meter band. ..do you know where in the schematic to add the audio point?
ted kaczynski : very interesting and well done. hp was not cost-cutting in 1973. that came much later.

Hp Photosmart Plus B209a Printhead CLEANING

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William Hazelhurst : Excellent advice...thanks.
Best Printers : Use This Cleaning Kit For better Results: https://amzn.to/2MyiUM8

Website: http://bestprinterstech.com
уДАЧНАЯ ЖИЗНЬ : thanks!!! thanks!!! thanks!!!
alan fan : If you submerge the top bar, the alcohol will dissolve the white graphics and partially dissolve the yellow. It didn't seem to effect the magenta or cyan symbols though.
Andrew Munchkin : This helped. Thanks




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