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Look at a nice 42 LG 42PJ550 HD Ready Digital Freeview Plasma TV working fine from facebook

20 December 2020 Look at a nice 42 LG 42PJ550 HD Ready Digital Freeview Plasma TV working fine from facebook.

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LG 42PJ550-UD | SJC Électronique

Diagnostic et réparation d'un téléviseur plasma de marque LG modèle 42PJ550-UD. L'écran n'affiche plus. Le Main Logic Board est défectueux (circuit intégré). Remplacé le Board, testé = OK

LG Power Supply EAY60968701 Repair [Fix Clicking noise] 50PJ340 50PJ350 50PJ550 50PJ650 Z50PJ240

NEW Repair kit + FREE bonus DVD guide..Now available on Ebay
* This repair service services the LG power supply Board model number EAY60968701.
With any one of these PCB # EAX61397101/9, EAX61397101/11, EAX61397101/12, or
EAX61397101/14 Please Make sure that you've already gone through the process of
troubleshooting and testing your tv's power supply board and components before making
any purchases.. I recommend that you get a tv tech to check it out, because every tv is different. Remember, this repair service will only repair power supply model (EAY60968701) with the appropriate PCB numbers. You buy at your own risk.


LG 50PJ340
LG 50PJ350
LG 50PJ550
LG 50PJ650
LG Z50PJ240




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